APRIL 16 | 22

its about 10:30am rn. no real site updates in the last few days but im plannin on chipping away at some of the main pages later. im a few hours down the road sharing a place with my cousins for the next week or so. just nicked a few badges and licence plates from the scrapyard we're staying next to >:0)

APRIL 12 | 22

"norville rodgers" was kind of a temp name for this site cos i use it on a few different platforms and its my nickname on a discord server or two, but it occured to me today that if i keep it, people are probably gonna. expect to see some scooby doo shit on here.

so im thinkin of leaning into it and throwin a few scooby snacks their way. we'll see

APRIL 11 | 22

started dicking around with making a shitty website today- and i guess, if youre reading this, i mustve pulled it off!! i inherted my very first laptop about 2-3 days ago, and im kinda stoked to finally have one after all these years. ive always wanted to carve out a crappy little corner of the internet for myself, so i decided to start this site up and give html a whirl. spent most of today messing around with that ngl. it was fucking freezing so i couldnt concentrate on any college assignments yk?? yeah no just zero productivity. binged a shitton of uncle monster face videos again though lmao